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Sound and Song Medicine Immersion

  • Hawthorn Healing Arts Center 39 NW Lousiana Ave. Bend, Oregon (map)

A Day of Meaningful Music-Making

with Shireen Amini



Pre-registration required and limited spaces available. Call 541-330-0334 or email to reserve your spot today!


• Experience group toning, drumming, and singing with a sense of playfulness and purpose

• Learn ancient and modern techniques for empowered musical expression

• Create your own simple medicine songs for healing and change

• Deepen your understanding of the human relationship to music, nature, and community


“If you can talk you can sing, if you can walk you can dance” 

- African Proverb


Singing and participation in music is your birthright and is essential for your well-being. This workshop is about reviving your relationship to music as it may better serve your life and the highest good. This is not about performance, but rather feeding your spirit in the moment and experiencing a deep sense of unity. Gift yourself with a more empowered relationship to your voice and musical expression and open yourself up to limitless potential for health and joy!


No prior musical experience necessary to participate in this workshop. For those who may have inhibitions about their sense of pitch or rhythm, this is a perfect environment to step out of your shell due to a principle of “entrainment,” which basically states that we cannot help but move toward being ‘in tune’ and ‘in time’ when we are surrounded by others who are. Experienced musicians will also find great benefit as they have an opportunity to expand their understanding of the nature of music, sense of playfulness, and discover a deeper sense of purpose in what they do. 

Earlier Event: October 6
Later Event: November 10