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Welcome! And thank you for taking the time to learn more about SHIREEN AMINI MUSIC MEDICINE.

Please read on…

•My WHY•

I believe it is urgent and essential that music of our time be in service of the great awakenings happening around our planet. Surfacing the wounding of our hearts and addressing the destruction of our planet are parallel paths and I believe music can provide the medicine needed to heal our collective suffering. I believe our innate connection to the Earth and soulful nature can serve us in this movement toward making music, and therefore humanity, more conscious.

If you believe what I believe, I am grateful to call you part of my tribe.

•My HOW•

In my songwriting process, I engage soulful practices, community, and the mysteries of nature to bring forth music that has medicine in it, embedded in its grooves, melodies, and conscious messages. These often come about from unfolding the layers of my own healing and spiritual growth. Further, I call upon my knowledge of craft and popular music idioms to intentionally design songs that transmit deeper truths and draw audience closer community with elements of creative participation.

In addition to my artistic work, I apply these processes, with an emphasis on specified purpose, to all my service work ~ in writing and producing music for others, in performing events, and in leading community music-making and sound healing experiences. I like to call this combination of musical creativity with purpose “jamming soul medicine” into existence. Learn more about my background HERE.


I primarily offer performance, songwriting, production, group facilitation, and sound healing. I also teach and remain open to various collaborations and fusion offerings that are rooted in my mission and concept of music as medicine. Stay tuned about my upcoming events HERE, be in touch for booking or hiring HERE, and enjoy learning more about my various offerings throughout this website! Thank you again for your interest!