About Shireen Amini…

As a songwriting and performing artist, Shireen Amini plays conscious world-soul-pop in her one-woman live looping music medicine show. Featuring a mix of original songs and on-the-spot improvisations, her performances are intentionally designed to close the gap between performer and audience by including elements of community participation in the form of singing parts, percussive play, and of course, dancing! She also anchors each show with the ceremonial intention to bring good soul medicine to all who are present, preceding each show with a little smudging and prayerful group toning. Check out the sampler video below…

In 2007, Shireen released her first solo EP entitled “Turnaround” and most recently put out a single and music video of her original song “Skeleton in the Closet” featuring Ian Carrick. A new album is on the horizon and tour dates in the works. Stay tuned!

Live Looping Music Medicine Show

solo Acoustic Performance

music videos

For booking or production, contact shireen.amini@gmail.com